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Eco Warriors 2022

DWELLERS: Continuous Urban Biodiverse System

by Ishita Singh

Identifying the current greens to find potential in the city of Gandhinagar.
Envisioning a Continuous Urban Bio-diverse System for Gandhinagar: If the 4c armature is multiplied across the city of Gandhinagar in other sectors, it will create an extensive range for biodiversity to traverse and connect the larger city ensembles
Introducing the 4Cs to achieve Continuous Urban Bio-diverse System: Construct – Connect – Cycle – Community; Together the four strategies dismantle the top-down anthropocentric model to embrace biodiversity as an indispensable layer to a healthy ecosystem
Proposed Sector Plan Designing the C.U.B.S. specific to sector 4
Tree Plantation Patch and Secondary Street Network with the proposed design: Visualizing the Secondary Street as a Green Corridor and introducing ecologically sensitive street design elements and biodiversity supporters
Visualizing the core street, tree plantation land alongside the residential context
Public Land patch with the proposed design. And the seasonality in the Public Land (The Summer Bloomer Palette)
Visualizing the new tree plantation zones in the public land patch
Neighborhood Scale patch with the proposed garden design guide
Add Ons for the Residential Units: Retaining and introducing biodiversity supporters as well as green infrastructure for houses