Productive urbanism is a research (and practice) group committed to fostering innovative design ideas towards incorporating food, biodiversity and ecological landscapes in the grain of the city.

We are motivated by unprecedented development and enormous stress that it has caused on natural systems in most Indian cities. This has evidently produced long-term threats to our natural systems like water, air, and biodiversity.  It also has direct implications on the health of the land and its inhabitants.

We think the role of landscape and productive design is crucial in addressing these challenges in the coming years. By productive we mean- a way of design thinking at systems level to maximise ecological, social and economical health of the land- whether it is road design, or river front, or landfill sites. Within this umbrella, the research group wants to actively engage through teaching studios and practice to shape our society better in the real world. 

About us

Mansi Shah
Mansi Shah is an architect-urban-designer. She is currently based in Ahmedabad and is teaching in Bachelor of Urban Design, as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Planning at CEPT University. With teaching, she works on her independent research projects on different subjects under ‘Ahmedabad Mapping Project’, ‘City Water Walks’, and ‘Productive urbanism’ (research on productive and edible cities). She has a keen interest in pedagogy and research and has carried out several publications, workshops to explore innovative ways to support her research and learning for students. She has also co-authored a book ‘Prathaa: Kath-khuni architecture of Himachal Pradesh’.

Chandrani Chakrabarti
Chandrani Chakrabarti is a landscape architect based in Ahmedabad. She worked as a Senior Associate at Jerde Partnership Inc. in Los Angeles for several years and continues her practice as a landscape consultant. She works primarily in commercial mixed use development projects in the US, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Chandrani is an Adjunct Faculty and the Program Coordinator for the Master of Landscape Architecture Program in the Faculty of Architecture at CEPT University. Her teaching and research interests include urban ecology, productive landscapes, and landscape urbanism. She has a Master in Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) degree from Jadavpur University.