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Eco Warriors 2022

D-I-Collective Vista: Co-Design, Adapt and Assemble

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    Public space, Urban Design, Co-design, central vista, Gandhinagar, Productive urbanism

by Samriddhi Dugar

The project ‘DIY Vista’ envisages Central Vista in Gandhinagar as a playful, socially engaging, and productive space that supports community interaction and brings together different ecosystem services.

With this objective, the currently fenced and predominantly lawned underutilized area was analyzed in terms of usages. Further analysis was derived from studying the existing active zones and activities, those which have been developed and maintained by people in neighborhood pockets. These activities mostly included growing spaces, play areas and various community interactive zones. Based on the synthesis of data gathered, the design strategies for central vista were devised that makes it a space that harbors different activities as well act as a catalyst space for uniting the community.