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Unit Rebel Bodies Rebel Cities

Authors: Victor Cano Ciborro + Mansi Shah
Link to buy: Amazon
Student contributors: Aditi Mishra, Atal Chadha, Bhumika Sachdev, Heenal Chavda, Dhwani Doshi, Dibyashekhar Bhattamishra, Divya Rampal, George Verghese, Haiya Dalal, Jaimin Bali, Khevana Makhanwala, Khushali Haji, Raghav Kohli, Sakshi Sharma, Sparsh Patlan
TA: Purvi Tank

Unit Rebel Bodies Rebel Cities was born from recognising complexities and differing stakeholder interests within urban public spaces and the importance of recognising these dynamics to create more inclusive and equitable urban environments. For its first case study, fifteen students from the Bachelor of Urban Design at CEPT University work in Bhadra Fort Precincts, Ahmedabad, India.

The output from the studio is published in a book. It lays pedagogy taking students through three modules- one: Narrative cartographies, two: Performances and finally, the design that reflects on the context and the resistances. Throughout all the modules, drawing is a fundamental instrument to understand the dynamics of the space and materialise ideas and thoughts. This book disseminates our approach, learnings and creative design interventions by students based on critical analysis of problems.