str-EATS : Urban Food Reservoir
Wild Wild Vista
RiverBANK: Bank of food, land and biodiversity
Synergetic Grounds: A Productive Vista as a Social Catalyst
‘Quilt’: A Landscape Mosaic
FarmVille 2030
Productive Commons: DIY Urbanism
Water-full : Slow, Spread & Seep
Biodiver-City : Wilderness in the backyards
Picky Eaters (Special Mention, NASA 2021)
Urban Agroviands (Special Mention, NASA, 2021)
Spatial Trade Off’s (Special Mention, NASA, 2021)
Foodista Central
Sva: A vision of self-sustenance
Eco-Adhocism: Forms of Bio Architecture
Edible Museum
City Greenways
Ukiyo: End of Anthropocentric Interventions
The Crochet City
Crop Patch +
Unlocking Vacancy
Eco-Sim City: Norms for Resilience, Diversity and Spontaneity
Grow Collage