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Eco Warriors 2022

Experiencing biodiversity: conserve, restore and enhance

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    Cept University, Urban Design, Biodiversity, Landscape design

by Aryan Choudhury
The project is a public space design with the core focus on conserving the terrain and ravines, restoring the balance of the site through the addition of native species, and enhancing the site through public amenities and research facilities sensitively weaved around the topography.

The site is situated along the Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar. It has historic ravines, many endemic species, home to several species, and a huge potential to become of its kind, the first wilderness and research park where people can witness and study this wilderness landscape. To make this a public space with experience of biodiversity the project has three core design strategies restoring the existing species and land topography, conserving, and enhancing the site through many additions of trail networks, architectural inserts, and smaller interventions such as viewing deck and pause points.

 All these strategies will not just create one of its kind public space but a place where people can learn, enjoy and research biodiversity. 

identifying the site’s potential, and understanding the various characteristics and the existing negative aspects of the site.

Preserving site topography, conserving the existing grain, removal of invasive species and introducing experiential architectural inserts

The introduced design strategy showcases the various interconnected trail networks with various pause points and inserts to meander around the site.
Zoom-in plans showcase the various characteristics near the catchment area and in the dense forest areas of the site.
Catchment areas which are imagined at various seasons and how the overall character of the space changes.
Dense forest areas having deciduous vegetation have a different character in various seasons.
The biodiversity park contains various architectural inserts such as viewing decks, a research hub, exhibition space, recreational space, forest shops, and various smaller pause points. The design tries to bring the joy of experiencing the wilderness through these small interventions.
The various interconnectivity of trails, ravines, and pause points.
Policy diagram for developing the larger idea of the intent.