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NASA India

Urban Agroviands (Special Mention, NASA, 2021)

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    Gsen Trophy, Nasa, Architectural schools, India, Architectural competitions

College Name: Mumbai University, Mumbai
College code: Z243
Participants: Atharva Mahamunkar, Sarvesh Bhosle, Rahul Parmar, Riya Thakkar, Vini Thakker, Mehak Gupta, Palak Joshi, Swaraj Kelaskar, Vedanta Mandala, Prachi Shah, Tithi VanaraseCollege

“Agro” means agriculture and “viands” means food production the purpose of the design revolves around the same concept of understanding the growing urbanisation and to meet the increasing food needs of the growing population for that we need urban agriculture solutions. The purpose of the site chosen is to use the defunct empty mill lands of Mumbai which is not used for a long time and can lead to a greater development by keeping in mind the need for farms in urbanisation. The design is structured in a way that it follows the concept of street farming, edible food parks and transforming unused spaces into gardens. Usage of sustainable materials like bamboo due to its hardwearing capacity. The bamboo framework not only helps in growing farms vertically but also look aesthetically pleasing. Food growing near consumers brings the production closer. Growing plants in urban areas is not an easy task the technique of growing them with the aeroponic plantation methods using less water and nutrients. The process is used due to climatic conditions, space constrains under bridges and on roadsides. Workshop stands are designed to make people aware of food growing in indoor gardens with innovative organic farming methods.