Picky Eaters (Special Mention, NASA)

College Name: School Of Planning And Architecture, Bhopal

College code: Z224
Participants:  Palak Gupta, Anubhav Saxena, Soumyadeep Das, Ameeshi Shrivastava, Saavi Natekar, Eish, Abhinav Ramesan, Dhruv Bhatia, Srishti sarkar, Shriram R, Ayushi Srivastava, Vishali Srikanth, Soumya Anand, Nitya Soni, Ojasvi Maurya, Nishant Hemant Walchale, Akshat Bhagat

Project Description: Located at the edge of Delhi, Ghazipur is home to the city’s largest wholesale food markets. Selling vegetables, flowers, poultry, fish and mutton to the rest of the city, these markets directly employ the residences next to them. In the background, however, stands Asia’s tallest landfill, a major health hazard for the residents of the neighbourhood. Plans to eliminate it have been met with conflicts with the locals whose livelihoods depend on the existence of the landfill.
The proposal aims to turn Ghazipur into a neighbourhood that would be able to independently sustain its occupants in times of a break in the city’s food supply chain. It also seeks to slowly convert the landfill, while at the same time encouraging the gradual social upliftment of the rag pickers community to formalised waste segregation and sorting. This is done in 4 stages; starting from instant solutions such as the erection of walls to prevent landslides of garbage, gradual covering up of the landfill while accommodating the livelihood transfer of the rag-picking community, using the newly available space for civic infrastructure, and finally using up the remainder of the transformed landfill as grazing land to support the dairy industry.