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Urban Landscape Futures 2023

Weave: Socio-productive corridor

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    Public space, Gandhinagar, weaving with nature, sabarmati riverside, productive landscapes, riverside development, socio cultural design, riverfront

Author: Khushi Patel

The project aims to strengthen the route from ‘Jh’ road to the Sant Sarovar Dam in Gandhinagar. Various activities were mapped along the corridor of the riverside and amongst the different probable spots, the Sant Sarovar Dam site has most of the activities and human engagement and that’s where the design is incorporated. Mapping of activities was done of two different seasons to know the activities happening there such as fishing, post-mining, religious activities, dumping, grazing etc. Moreover, delving into the existing conditions of the site were also studied to understand the different features of the land, contours and its variation which the site offers. Ground features were also studied in detail such as the post-mining site, dump yard, construction debris etc. The vision for Sant Sarovar Dam goes beyond functionality, the design seeks to incorporate the spaces which are productively and socially activated, which leads to the introduction of foraging species and building relationships and exaggerating the activities by providing social spaces such as the temple courtyards, pavilions, viewing platforms, vending spaces, play area, steps and trails which connect two different levels and pause points.

Mapping activities along Sabarmati river
Mapping activities at Sant Sarovar Dam
Understanding existing site conditions and various features of the land and contours
Concept diagrams, Process diagrams and Planting Palette
Proposed design for Sant Sarovar Dam
Part plans and Sections
View from the spine showing socio-productive landscape spaces
View from the deck near Sabarmati River with a sight of Sant Sarovar Dam
View from the temple courtyard connecting to the pavilion.
Narrative views showing different experiences on the site