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Urban Landscape Futures 2023

Ravine Ribbons: A tale of the river family

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    Public space, Biodiversity, Gandhinagar, wilderness, weaving with nature, sabarmati riverside

Author: Pooja Shah

The project Ravine Ribbons acts as a pilot project for saving and integrating what’s left of the ravines in Gandhinagar city. It has been observed that wherever the developments have happened around ravines, they are used as sewage channels. A decentralized sewage system has been proposed to stop polluting the ravines and the river. The project aims at bringing a cohesive approach to Connect, Repair, Revive, and Rejuvenate the ravine by connecting pathways and roads, repairing by stabilizing the slopes and removing pollutants, reviving the life in ravines by plantation of native species and rejuvenating by providing public spaces around to experience the spaces in multiple ways.


Introduction to the ravines of Gandhinagar
Evidences of issues and explorations of understanding the character of ravines
Existing species found on site
City scale mapping of the existing ravines and their typologies Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Mapping of a selected ravine in Borij Village, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Concept diagrams and planting palette
Proposed design intervention plan
Part plan 1 : Showing the Entrance plaza with a forested area and pathways along them
Part plan 2 : Showing the Dewats System area and pathways along them with respect to the ravine
Part plan 3 : Showing one of the Watchtowers and pathways with the landscape grain around overlooking the ravine
View from inside the ravine
Bird's eye view of the ravines and the pathways
View of the ravine from the pathway bridge