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Urban Landscape Futures 2023

Unwrapping urban natures: Productive Social spaces

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    Public space, Biodiversity, Gandhinagar, wilderness, weaving with nature, sabarmati riverside

Authors: Diya Shah

My project aims to redefine the urban landscape by seamlessly merging hardscape with softscape and establishing a connection between the city and the river while providing experiences to the residents of GIFT City. The ecological park is an attempt to bring about a balance between nature and human experiences. Divided into three distinctive zones—active recreation, passive recreation, and the commons—it offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring a mix of leisure and engagement. Beyond just greenery, the park is an immersive journey, ‘unwrapping’ both ecology and experiences. Striking a balance, it becomes a space where the city life converges with nature. Dotted throughout are modular pavilions, each serving a unique purpose, adding layers to the overall experience. As visitors traverse through active play areas, serene retreats, and communal spaces, they are not merely spectators but active participants.

Studying GIFT City

Studying GIFT City

Creating Trail Networks Along Ravines for XL Strategy

Mid-Semester Plan Iteration for Ecological Park

Process Iterations of Plan for Park

Conceptualising and Strategising

Ecological Park

Looking Closer at the Textures at a Smaller Scale

Modular Pavilions and Planting Species

Visualising Experiences

Blend of Hard and Soft Textures