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White Wonder

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    urban agriculture, urban gardens, house gardens, pesticides, fertilizers, farming

Author: Eva Pia Tschopp
Mansi Shah + Purvi Vyas

A tale about our culture around the use of fertilizers and pesticides visiting small farms around Ahmedabad in Matar and Shilaj.


The use of pesticides and fertilisers tells us stories about our relation to food and its production. India faced a huge change in agriculture coming with the so called green revolution during the 1960’s. The state led transformation in the name of progress introduced monocultures and along with them the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Visits on farms around Ahmedabad showed the consequences of these politics. Loss or lack of knowledge around seeds, variety of species and ingredients of what is sprayed on the fields. The normalisation of depending on chemicals and genetically modified seeds, provided by big international corporations, to make a living out of growing food.

Needless to say that consumers, mainly living in Ahmedabad, have no clue or doubts around pesticides in their food. The drawings, thoughts and quotes are a try to stitch connections and recognise patterns through a profane view on the everyday moments and objects on farms in Matar and Shilaj. These farms are the places where our food is grown, of what we are sustaining on. White wonder is a story about the seemingly arbitrary affecting our very sustenance.