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Research Projects

Between Filth and Fortune

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    urban agriculture, farming, cow farming, urban cows, cattle city, cattle contestations

Authors: Devi S Nair | Anju Santhosh
Tutors: Mansi Shah + Purvi Vyas

Between Filth and Fortune: Urban Cattle Foraging Realities
This study examines cattle rearing in urban and rural settings, focusing on milk production and consumption. Exploring a case in Ahmedabad highlights the challenges and processes in dairy farming across different environments, emphasising the need for sustainable practices and the essential role of milk in daily consumption.


This study explores the dynamics of cattle rearing in both urban and rural settings, with a specific focus on the production and consumption of milk and milk products. By examining a particular case in Ahmedabad city, where cattle are often found in less than ideal conditions, the research aims to highlight the contrasting challenges and processes involved in dairy farming across different environments. The investigation seeks to provide insights into the multifaceted issues of urban and rural cattle management, emphasizing the essential role of milk in daily consumption and the growing need for sustainable practices in dairy production.

Gaushala in Shanthinath Mahadev Mandir, Thaltej

Alpha Cattle farm in Lapkaman

Rural cattle farm in Lapkaman

About Authors 

Devi S Nair
I am an architect currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at CEPT University, and also a Partner and Architect at Aayu Design Studio. In addition to my architectural career, I enjoy creating pencil portraits, blending my passion for art with my professional work. Growing up in a family with cattle, I developed a deep connection to nature and animals, which enriches my creative approach to landscape architecture. This background enables me to integrate artistic expression with practical environmental understanding, combining functionality and aesthetic beauty in my projects.

Anju Santhosh
Currently pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture, working as a Junior Architect at Nest Architects Studio. In addition to my architectural career, I hold a Master’s degree in Music Production and Classical Singing, blending my passion for both design and music. This unique combination of skills allows me to approach architectural projects with a creative and multidisciplinary perspective, enriching my work with artistic insights and technical expertise from the music world. My dual focus on landscape architecture and music production exemplifies my commitment to merging functionality with aesthetic expression in all my professional endeavours.