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Urban Landscape Futures 2023

Gifting scapes: Weaving Earth, Water and People

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    GIft City, Riverfront development, Public space, blue green design, water and public space, Gift, Forest park, Park along river

Author: Dhyan Patel
The 886-acre GIFT City design plan aims to create a sustainable, environmentally conscious urban center by the Sabarmati River. With an emphasis on the Recharge, Remediate, and Activate principles, the plan combines 128 acres of green space, includes water bodies, and maintains natural ravines. Retention ponds are connected by a 10-kilometer path network, encouraging biodiversity and water management. Commercial and recreational areas are provided by architectural interventions, such as phytoremediation wetlands. With its design, which promotes connectedness between Earth, Water, and People, 1.48 lakh inhabitants and 3.5 lakh tourists will live in a resilient and appealing environment. In the dry climate of GIFT City, the plan proposes a harmonious combination of nature and urban life, with an emphasis on ecological balance and adaptive reuse.

Existing Site - Understanding the Grain, Evolution and Current Situation
Existing Site - Opportunities and Issues
Design Concept and Planting Palette
Proposed Vision Strategy Plan
Forest Park (Proposed L Scale)
Proposed Site Edge Section
Part Plan and Section with Architectural Insert
Swale Side Cafe View
Part Views with Inserts and Overall Site Views