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FarmVille 2030

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    Farm and the city, Living in farms, Food city

By Isha Jain
The vision of FarmVille 2030 is to reimagine future living with food growing as a backbone forming the built fabric of the city, within the larger intent of creating an economically productive city. Gandhinagar is a site that has a lot of public vacant land, which provides the opportunity to intervene with an armature that focuses with better ecological sensitivity, while also utilizing it in a resilient manner. The new urban fabric needs to be envisioned as a range of productive landscapes carefully weaved with the built forms that are shaped keeping agriculture as the primary affecting factor.

Sector Design
While one sector is completely re-designed, the proposal also provides conceptual idea for other sectors to have a productive armature within the identified spaces under public domain. This can provide many residents access to food growing near to where they live but also access to nutrition.

Farm typology- The design of the sector is detailed to achieve different kinds of farm infrastructure at private lot, block level and sector level. At the sector level, there are large forest areas and community spaces designed to support a range of ecosystem services. The design also creates radical infrastructures such as vertical food farms in common spaces for residents to be able to share, exchange, buy and work.

Built regulations
The other details of street built regulations attempt to create active street fronts and create dynamic sectors with economic opportunities. At the private lot, regulations for building (with 50% coverage) allow for backyard spaces to be designed as per needs of the resident with productive uses. At the block level residents can choose and build as agreed collectively to create some supporting spaces.

Introducing various rules/regulations to govern the development of a sector for a rich and diverse socio-economical space. This is done through integrating food production in the everyday lifestyle of the residents by providing land for certain amenities at the private level and others at the public level in the sector.

The sector will be nestled in farms, orchards, pollinator farms to bring new living opportunities for urban residents.
The sector will be nestled in farms, orchards, pollinator farms to bring new living opportunities for urban residents.
The view below, demonstrating the ‘backyard farm courtyard’ typology creation and the experience of a residential block.