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Urban Landscape Futures 2023

Transition: Human Water interface

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    Riverfront development, Public space, Gandhinagar, weaving with nature, sabarmati riverside, productive landscapes, socio cultural design, sant sarovar dam, ghat, ghat design, riverfront

Author: Virajsinh Parmar

The project “Transition: Human-Water Interface” aims to make interventions at the Sabarmati river edge at the Sant Sarovar dam. The area for the intervention was chosen after mapping the human activities along the Sabarmati River edge and later focusing on the edge, which is located near the dam where most activities happen. The site lacked accessibility to the river, and parts of the dam were eroded. To enhance, the design creates clear accessible pathways and a series of steps to connect fragmented areas of the site. To activate, a series of programs are introduced: architecture inserts (cafe, viewing area, exhibition space, and working spaces for the fishermen community), a stable ghat edge along the river bed, and different shaded and non-shaded areas for sitting. Further, smaller pathways are programmed in the river bed that allow visitors to watch migratory birds. These were developed considering the site’s depressions, creating a mosaic of dry wetland spaces.