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Presentation: Research and writing methods
2023, March 15, Research and Writing Course, Tutor: Prof. Seema Khanwalkar, Faculty of Design, CEPT University

Discussion: Mapping component  
2023, March 3, Studio: Staging Ecologies_ Politics of Gender and Memory in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow
Tutor: Sonal Mithal, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University

Publication- Book –  Rebel Bodies Rebel Cities
Published by CEPT University Press

Teaching Monsoon and Spring semester, CEPT University
SS 2023 Climate and Design of Built Environments with Agam Shah, L2, B.UD
SS 2023 Food and the City, Elective
SS 2023 Allied Module- 2 sessions – CFP, Foundation year
MS 2023 Studio: Eco Warriors [Edible to Productive landscapes]


Conference talk at ECLAS,12 September 2022, Theme: Teaching across scales
Talk Title: “Scaling up, scaling deep: Negotiating scales for productive urban landscapes”
By Chandrani Chakrabarti and Mansi Shah
Organiser: University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture
Abstract: Page 80-Link: Book of Abstract


Joined as CEPT Essay prize Committee | June 2022
with Srivathsan A, Seema Khanwalkar


Domus – India 16 (2), 5 March 2013, 17-18
Prathaa: Kath-khuni architecture of Himachal Pradesh

Exhibition at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre in Ahmedabad by Design Innovation and Craft Research Centre,
presenting an overview of distinctive architectural heritage